The Planning Committee of Shetland Islands Council has unanimously decided to raise no objection to the proposed replacement of Lerwick Power Station on a new site which has been identified north of the town, near Rova Head.

The Scottish Government will now decide whether to grant planning consent under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989.  The energy regulator Ofgem is also in the process of considering SHEPD’s Integrated Plan for Shetland which was submitted in July last year.

Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution’s Shetland Operations Manager, Darren Hitchin said:

“We welcome the committee’s discussion of the proposed replacement power station near Rova Head and the decision to raise no objection.  The final decision on planning consent rests with the Scottish Ministers and we await their consideration of the application in due course.

“Since Shetland is not connected to the GB grid, it is important that we carefully consider all options in order to find the best solution for our customers.  The submission of the planning application is part of that process.  However future arrangements for meeting the needs of customers in Shetland also require the approval of the energy regulator Ofgem.  SHEPD submitted proposals for Shetland to Ofgem last year, which included our analysis on the proposed replacement power station, and we await their decision.”