We believe in investing in the ingenuity and potential of people. We are a major employer – over 3,500 people. Duncan Feather, who lives on the Shetland Islands is employed as a craftsmen. One of his colleagues is  Paul Dougal, a Restoration Manager on the Isle of Wight – 680 miles away.

When ice storms hit the Isle of Arran in Scotland, our colleagues in the south of England were with us to help reconnect the islanders – distance was irrelevant. Afterwards, the locals bought us hampers to thank us. To be best-in-class for the future, you need to invest in a variety of interesting connections that real people make in the real world.

Partnering with others

Across the country, there are companies, universities and charities working with us upon whom we rely heavily to help us get the job done. Find out more about some of our partners.

Passing on wisdom

Our best thinking comes when experience and ideas are exchanged between our people. For us innovation is a home-grown thing. Find out more how person to person brings out the best in us.

Fresh thinking

We’ve been around now for a few years. We have a great deal of collective experience, but it can always be improved by fresh ideas. Read more on how we keep our thinking fresh.