You don’t always see us, but we are out there working day and night to keep a reliable supply of energy to you.

To do that, the tonnes of grease we apply is equivalent to the metal in the Eiffel Tower. The length of overhead line we inspect is equivalent to the distance from Bournemouth to Beijing and back again. Our ethos is ‘prevention is better than cure.’ However, there are also one-off events like the storms we had in Scotland in March this year. Then we really had to pull out all the stops to get some of our communities up and running again.


Keeping the lights on is what we do. Here are some of the facts about how we do it, all day, everyday, in your area:

6,000 new trees planted

865 cars and vans on the road

15,000 km of overhead lines inspected

428,000 nuts and bolts removed

1,369,850 metres of cable replaced

7,819 tonnes of grease applied

300 squirrel guards installed


20,000 of our customers were without power in the communities of Kintyre and Arran after the March 2013 storms there. Here are some of the things we had to do to get them back up and running:

Vulnerable customers got at least 1 call a day

550 engineers/support staff on the ground

230 mobile generators installed

48,000 hot drinks dispensed

22,000 hot meals served

180 wooden poles replaced

1 ferry commandeered

4 helicopters helped pinpoint the damage

Rescued a hatching of a rare breed of tortoises

SSE out in all weathers