Being the most efficient network is the smart thing to do

It mattered to us that at their last review Ofgem recognised that the most efficient costs for maintaining and repairing networks can be seen in our north of Scotland network (which operates for 30% less than the industry average). And that the most efficient operating and support costs can be seen in our south of England network (which performs for 17% less than the industry average). Consistently Ofgem has concluded that we are at the forefront of operational efficiency. Being efficient is the smart thing to do.

1. Being efficient saves people’s time, money and is good for the environment

Benefits of efficiency


2. We play the long game

We steward our network for our customers for the long term. We have had the same owners since electricity privatisation in 1990. We are a local, home-grown energy network with a long-term commitment to our customers. In the past, and into the future, we believe cost efficiency is delivered by investing consistently in our network every year.


3. Pioneer new technology

We are frequently among the first to try and apply new technology and innovative ideas. It saves time and money now and in the future. We were the first to use BLX overhead lines – which are more resilient to damage from trees. Even if a new technology sounds strange, it doesn’t stop us being at the forefront of trying new cost-efficient ways of doing things.

Pioneer new technology