Recognised as the safest energy distribution company in Britain, we still improve every year.

Everyone who works for us goes about their work with safety as an in-built attitude of mind and way of behaving. And because of that, we are best equipped to keep you, members of the public and our people out of harm’s way. We don’t want you stepping into our holes, driving into our poles or snagging on our overhead lines. We’ll literally do whatever we can to stop that happening. How do you get to be Britain’s safest power company?

STEP 1. For us, safety is as much about the ‘do’s’ as the ‘don’ts’

Putting warning signs up is only part of the story. Whether you drive a van, work in an office or are a linesman climbing one of our poles, we challenge and evaluate ourselves on safety from the Chief Executive down.

SSE safety 1

STEP 2. When it comes to safety, we think you can’t start early enough

In the course of 2012 our staff made 96 visits into schools in our regions to teach children how to be safe around electricity.

SSE Safety 2

STEP 3. Aim to be among safest companies in the world

Safety for us is not just about meeting the standard. It’s about reducing the number of people who can get in harm’s way. Having attained a leadership position in safety in our own industry isn’t a place to stop. We aim to be among the safest companies in the world.

SSE Safety 3